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There was no sign of progress Wednesday in the battle between Cablevision and Fox TV that has kept Fox television shows off millions of television sets in the New York area for more than five days. Fox said on Wednesday that it had had brief conversations with Cablevision and expected resume them today (Thursday). Some writers suggested that intense public pressure would be put on the two sides as next week’s World Series — which will be televised by Fox — approaches. Meanwhile, New Jersey state senator Tom Goodwin has fired off a letter to Cablevision President James Dolan demanding that the cable company reimburse its customers for the loss of Fox TV programs. “The ratepayers in my district and across the state are being held hostage by these negotiations and are being deprived of the services they pay for. I ask that you reimburse Cablevision customers for each day that they are denied these channel,” Goodwin said. Cablevision did not respond immediately but will likely contend that it is Fox that is responsible for its stations being blacked out.