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October 21, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

Oakley, the company best known for its high-end fashion sunglasses, is planning to distribute personal glasses for 3D viewing that it maintains produces “a wide field of sharp vision” and will “virtually eliminate the ghosting or ‘crosstalk’ between images.” The 3D glasses, it said, will be distributed next month in connection with the debut of Disney’s Tron Legacy on December 17. They will also feature “graphics that salute the cinematic story.” Details of the Disney deal were not disclosed. The glasses will carry a suggested retail price of $150. The company emphasizes that they can only be worn in theaters using “passive” 3D technology and not in those that require the use of battery-operated 3D glasses. Oakley also warned that the product is not intended for outdoor use “and will not provide the same level of performance as sunglasses.”