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Former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez has yet to comment publicly on his firing last week, but his wife Suzanne has. Writing on her Facebook “wall,” Suzanne said that her husband apologized to Jon Stewart for his remarks during a radio interview last week. “Jon was gracious and called Rick ‘thin-skinned.’ He’s right,” she wrote. She explained her husband’s remarks, in which he called Stewart a bigot and suggested that the media are controlled by Jews, this way: “In an effort to make a broader point about the media, his exhaustion from working 14-hour days for two months straight caused him to mangle his thought process inartfully.” In earlier Facebook posts, Sanchez indicated that she had taped a segment for a CNN cooking feature that had been scheduled to air on Friday, the day after her husband’s rant, but it never aired. Meanwhile, Pete Dominick, the Sirius Radio talk show host who interviewed Rick Sanchez, told the Mediaite website that Sanchez arrived “with a live grenade in his mouth.” Apologizing to Rick’s family for, in effect, pulling the pin on Sanchez’s grenade, Dominick said, “If Rick didn’t do it on my show, he would have done it somewhere else.” On his Comedy Central show on Monday, Stewart said that he was angry about Sanchez’s remarks — not because of anything Sanchez actually said but because he had to wait until Monday to comment on them, since he doesn’t tape The Daily Show on Fridays — “and there’s no way this cat survives the weekend at CNN.”