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Halloween weekend is certain to be dominated by two low-budget horror flicks, with the debut of the seventh Saw movie, this one in 3D, expected to outdraw the second week of the intentionally low-tech Paranormal Activity 2. Last year the two franchises went head-to-head against each other with the first Paranormal, which expanded wide after generating strong word of mouth in smaller markets, getting most of the treats — $21.1 million of them versus just $14.1 million for Saw VI. This year, however, the Saw movie has 3D premium pricing going for it, something that is likely to tip the odds in its favor. Then again, if the idea is simply to see a scary movie on Halloween weekend, many moviegoers may be tempted for the lower ticket prices for Paranormal. The consensus among analysts is that each film will earn around $20 million with Saw VII 3D edging out Paranormal Activity 2