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In what the New York Times described on its website today (Wednesday) as “almost a blink-and-you-missed-it moment,” the Tonight Show with Jay Leno ran a credit at the end of last night’s show acknowledging that on the previous night a montage featuring Taylor Swift had been created by two bloggers, Rich Juzwiak and Kate Spencer. The credit aired after Juzwiak wrote on his blog Tuesday under the headline “Jay Leno Ripped Me Off” that he had been contacted by a research coordinator for the show, who asked to use the montage. In an interview with the Times Juzwiak said that he almost preferred the credit airing a day late since it resulted in more attention than he would otherwise have received. On his blog, Juzwiak thanked the Times for giving him much of that attention, and concluded, “I highly recommend getting ripped off (provided that you have a blog where you can tattle about the misdeed).”