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Daily Variety has projected CBS to be the winner among total viewers in the crucial November sweeps, which end tonight (Wednesday) and to tie with Fox among 18-49-year-old viewers. Easily the top-rated “show” of the month was NBC’s Sunday Night Football, while CBS and Fox each received impressive ratings for late-afternoon NFL telecasts on Sunday, which ran over into primetime. CBS also scored well with several of its new shows, including Mike and Molly, $#!? My Dad Says, and Hawaii Five-0. For last week, the final full week of the ratings sweeps, Sunday Night Football led the field with 16.2 million viewers, with ABC’s Dancing with the Stars placing second with 15.2 million. CBS’s long-running NCIS placed third with 13.6 million, while CBS’s 60 Minutes, aided by massive numbers for an NFL telecast that preceded it (and ran over into primetime), placed fourth with 12.8 million viewers, tying with Tuesday’s results show for Dancing with the Stars.

The top ten shows of the week according to Nielsen Research:

1. Sunday Night Football, NBC, 13.9/22; 2. Dancing with the Stars (Monday), ABC, 13.1/20; 3. NCIS, CBS, 11.7/18; 4. 60 Minutes, CBS, 11.1/18; 4. Dancing with the Stars (Tuesday), ABC, 11.1/17; 6. Sunday Night Football Pre-Kickoff, NBC, 10.4/16; 7. NCIS: Los Angeles, CBS, 9.5/15; 8. The Mentalist, CBS, 9.0/16; 9. Criminal Minds, CBS, 8.6/14; 9. Two and a Half Men, CBS, 8.6/13.