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December 21, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

The film that earned the most at the box office in 2010 was also the most pirated. According to, which tracks BitTorrent websites, 20th Century Fox’s Avatar was downloaded 16.58 million times in 2010. (The film was actually released in December 2009, but TorrentFreak does not indicate whether Avatar was bootlegged online during that month.) The film has earned $2.78 billion at the worldwide box office. Suggesting that the motion picture industry is losing the battle against pirates, TorrentFreak noted that the number of downloads for Avatar far exceeded the previous record of 10.96 million for 2009’s Star Trek. That record was also exceeded by the second-most-pirated movie of this year, Kick-Ass, which was downloaded 11.4 million times, although it performed relatively modestly at the box office, with $96.13 million in worldwide ticket sales. Inception was No. 3 on the list with 9.72 million downloads. It was the highest box-office earner of any film released in 2010, grossing $825.41 million.