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Seeming to take a cue from customers who have long complained about having to purchase packages of networks that include many in which they have little or no interest, satellite provider DirecTV is now planning to drop some of its least popular channels as a cost-cutting move. In a presentation to investors in New York on Thursday, DirecTV strategy and development chief Derek Chang said that it was unlikely that the company would renew carriage deals with channels that are “not necessary” and that would not be missed by its subscribers. He also indicated that as cable sports networks continue to raise their asking price, DirecTV is likely to convert them to “a la carte” offerings. Chang also foresees the introduction of “premium video-on-demand” in 2011 — the availability of movies in the home while they are still playing in theaters. He indicated that customers might be willing to pay as much as $19.95 to watch a first-run movie — but not much more.