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In what officials boasted were the largest raids on counterfeit distributors in Los Angeles history, L.A. police, working with the city’s antipiracy task force, have arrested ten men and seized some $4.06 million worth of counterfeit DVDs, CDs, and apparel, city controller Wendy Greuel said. She did not break down the number of items seized in each category. DVDs of several films currently in theaters were among those seized, according to police, including Tron: Legacy and The Tourist. In a statement, Deputy LAPD Chief David Doan said, “This operation was a long-term effort that exemplifies cops working in partnership with other law-enforcement agencies.” Most of the raids were conducted at various flea markets in the downtown area. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) issued a statement by Larry Hahn, director of domestic content protection, expressing gratitude to the city and the LAPD “for their leadership and sustained commitment to curbing piracy in Los Angeles, the film and television capital of the world.”