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Sunday will come on Tuesday this week following the NFL’s postponement of the Vikings-Eagles Sunday Night Football game because of “public safety concerns” created by blizzard conditions in Philadelphia, where the game was to have been played. NBC, however, did air Football Night in America as scheduled at 7:00 p.m., and some of the discussion related to the advisability of the two-day delay. Game analyst Cris Collinsworth wondered aloud whether the NFL had now set a precedent that could result in future weather-related postponements. Mike Florio, who writes the NBC Sports blog ProFootballTalk, noted that numerous other games have been played in similar conditions. “Buying a ticket to a football game includes an inherent risk of bad weather,” he observed. And in a television interview, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell commented, “I think it’s a joke. I think the fans can make their own judgments about their safety.”