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Converting a popular videogame into a movie has always been a dicey proposition. Now, reports indicate that the 3D sequel to Disney’s Tron, a movie about videogames that was released in 1982 — before such things ever arrived in the home — may find itself inheriting the failed legacy of the original. According to the Hollywood Reporter, tracking firms are reporting relatively little interest among moviegoers in Tron: Legacy, which is due to open on December 17. The film, which reportedly cost $200 million to produce, is expected to earn as little as $35 million during its opening weekend, according to the tracking surveys cited by the trade publication. (The original Tron cost an estimated $17 million to make and earned $4.76 million when it opened in July 1982.) Oddly, Disney is not releasing the original on DVD in conjunction with the theatrical release of the sequel — touching off much online speculation that the studio remains embarrassed by the quality of the original and fears that releasing it now could harm, rather than help, the new movies. THR is also reporting downbeat tracking results for Sony’s Dec. 10 release of The Tourist, despite the fact that it stars box-office stalwarts Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. The film is expected to earn just $20 million in its opening, if the tracking surveys correctly reflect moviegoer interest in it.