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January 10, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

Joel and Ethan Coen have attributed the success of their latest film, True Grit, to the accident of fortuitous timing. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Ethan Coen remarked, “We were kinda lucky in the release date. Some of the would-be competitors, heavyweights, tanked [The Tourist, How Do You Know]. You’re lucky in the wind you get at your back, a few weekends where the competition is not too strong.” Brother Joel Coen indicated that they were floored by the huge success of True Grit — it was the highest-grossing film over the weekend and crossed the $100-million mark. “You’re in a business where people are constantly being surprised,” he said. “Movies with big stars and real straightahead genre movies fail, and other things where people go out on a limb do great.” Hardly anyone had predicted a big turnout at the box office for a remake of a film that had won an Oscar for John Wayne. But word-of-mouth has boosted business for the film — and positive reviews have brought out older ticket buyers. Said Ethan Coen: “Usually we think the critics are full of s***, but this year, they’re full of discernment.”