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Demonstrating yet again how the transition from film to digital exhibition is affecting the nature of motion picture production, Paramount announced Tuesday that it will remove 30 minutes of footage from Justin Bieber: Never Say Never and replace it with 40 minutes of new footage. The reedited version, to be billed as a “Director’s Fan Cut,” will be shown in all theaters currently running the concert documentary in 3D beginning on Friday, the third weekend that the movie will be playing. Venues showing only the 2D film version will continue showing that version. (While striking a film print costs thousands of dollars, a digital print can be produced for virtually nothing.) The move is presumably designed to stimulate repeat viewing, although already many of Bieber’s young fans have reportedly been lining up to see the film multiple times. In a statement, Paramount described the new version as being “more fan-centric” and quoted Adam Goodman, President Paramount Film Group, as saying that it will give “fans an even deeper look into Justin’s life.”