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CNN’s Piers Morgan has conceded that he has been undergoing a baptism of fire as he attempts to anchor a nightly live news show about late-breaking events in Egypt. “This was a completely new experience for me … and a bit nerve-wracking,” he told today’s (Thursday) New York Post. Unlike his predecessor, Larry King, who included the word “Live” in the eponomous title of his show, Morgan tapes his interviews, thereby allowing him as much time as he feels is necessary to draw interesting responses from his guests and edit out dull or reticent replies. Even so, he told the Post, one hour with a single personality often produces “a show that’s a little flabby.” Earlier this week it was announced that he had brought aboard Barbara Walters’s booker, Katie Thompson, and the former editor of the London tabloid, the Daily Mirror, Conor Hanna. “I think when we go again with big guests, they have to be double A-list to warrant the whole hour,” Morgan told the Post.