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Larry King returned to his old CNN haunts on Wednesday, where he was interviewed by Piers Morgan, the man who succeeded him. Morgan immediately expressed his dismay at King’s comments on BBC radio last week that Morgan had been oversold by CNN in promos in which Morgan referred to himself as “dangerous.” Morgan wasted no time before expressing his irritation with King’s remarks, saying that he had “spent the last few months saying that following you is like following Frank Sinatra. I couldn’t have paid you higher praise. You come in my backyard and say I’m oversold, undangerous.” King refused to back off and quickly took control of the interview, asking Morgan: “Were you being facetious when you said you were dangerous? Was that an attempt at British humor?” organ side-stepped the question, asking King how many of his shows he had actually watched. “About eight,” King replied. “I haven’t seen you dangerous yet.” He reminded Morgan that he did comment during the BBC interview that he thought that Morgan was “capable.” Morgan apparently felt that was hardly high praise and noted that he had “always oversold himself” and found humor in doing so. King once again returned to the role of interviewer rather than interviewee, asking Morgan what he meant when he called himself dangerous. “Was that an attempt at British humor?” When Morgan replied affirmatively, King delivered the coup de grâce: “I don’t get it,” he said. “I’m from Brooklyn.