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Production of CBS’s Two and a Half Men will resume on Feb. 28, published reports said on Wednesday. However, there was no official word from CBS or Warner Bros. TV that addiction specialists treating Charlie Sheen had okayed his return to the show. Sheen himself phoned in to the Dan Patrick talk radio show again on Wednesday and described how he had been persuaded to enter rehab. “Viacom showed up at my house and said, ‘Dude, it’s getting really obvious, and we’re really worried about you. We don’t give a rat’s tooey about the show. We care about your health.” Sheen did not mention the names of the persons who showed up at his house, and Viacom and CBS are only distantly linked; both are controlled by Sumner Redstone’s National Amusements. Sheen conceded that he had sometimes showed up on the set of Two and a Half Men without full control of his faculties. “Never been drunk, never been high on the set once, but I would show up not having slept much, doing a network run-through and asking the director, Jamie, to move my mark a little bit so I could be next to a piece of furniture or a table so I wouldn’t fall over.”