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Britain’s Channel 4 Network has refused to censor a scene in an upcoming episode of Glee in which Gwyneth Paltrow performs the 1973 Gary Glitter hit Do You Want to Touch Me? The episode has already aired in the U.S. and a CD of Paltrow’s rendition has hit iTunes’s Top 30 chart. Some child advocacy groups in the U.K. have protested against the use of the song so closely linked to Glitter, who was jailed in Vietnam for three years after sexually assaulting two girls, 10 and 11 years old, and later served time for possessing child pornography. A spokeswoman for Kidscape, a support group for children who have been sexually molested, called the decision to air the song “wholly inappropriate.” But Channel 4, which airs the hit show, said, “The scene is editorially justified within the program and we do not seek to censor material in the proper context.” And Britain’s Guardian newspaper asked, “Should the crimes or misdemeanours of a performer or artist change how we consume their work? Where do we draw the line on whose art it is still acceptable to consume? Is it wrong to wear a John Galliano designed dress, to enjoy a Roman Polanski film?”