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Lifetime Channel’s William & Kate: The Movie was greeted with derisive hoots from critics and viewers in the U.K. when it was screened Sunday night on Channel 5. Stephen Bates, who reviewed the $4.5-million film for Britain’s Guardian newspaper, said that it was “so bad it’s awful, toe-curlingly, teeth-furringly, pillow-bitingly ghastly.” The London Daily Mail sneered that it was “truly terrible: a shoddily cast, poorly executed, badly edited and surprisingly boring account.” The Mail today (Monday) quoted from some of the public’s reaction on Twitter. Among the comments: “Have just seen 1 second of Will and Kate the movie & can confirm it is the most excruciating & awful thing that mankind has ever created.” Another: “Watching some of this terrible Will & Kate movie. I don’t know where to begin on how bad this is! Laughable and unbelievable.” However, some viewers took a so-bad-it’s-good attitude toward the telefilm. One described it as “brilliantly awful.” Another said it was “just awful but surprisingly watchable.”