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Tina Fey returned to Saturday Night Live as Sarah Palin this weekend, participating in a skit modeled after the first Republican presidential debate hosted by Fox News earlier in the week. “It’s so great to be back on Fox News, a network that pays me and shows me the questions ahead of time,” Fey’s Palin said. (Palin remains on Fox’s payroll; she has not officially announced her candidacy and did not participate in last week’s actual debate.) “And I just hope that tonight the lamestream media won’t twist my words by repeating them verbatim,” she added. Fey got her biggest laugh when she remarked: “Well first I want to acknowledge that this week we finally vanquished one of the world’s great villains, and I for one am thrilled to say good riddance to Katie Couric.” It was, of course, a reference to Palin’s cringe-worthy interview with Couric in 2008 that some commentators have suggested proved to be the turning point in that year’s presidential campaign.