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Ashton Kutcher

A day after it was disclosed that Hugh Grant would not be replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men, Ashton Kutcher revealed that he would be. Taking to Twitter, Kutcher simultaneously demonstrated both his prowess at math — sortta — and his ability to keep his tweets short and sweet when he posted the question, “What’s the square root of 625?” If he meant 6.25, which he probably did, the answer would be 2.5 or two and a half. Still, his 6.7 million followers could not be certain whether they were being punk’d or whether he had actually landed the job, which reportedly pays $1 million per episode. But early today (Friday) it was made official. In a statement, Kutcher said, “I can’t wait to get to work with this ridiculously talented team, and I believe we can fill the stage with laughter that will echo in viewers’ homes,” Kutcher said. Said producer Chuck Lorre: “We are so lucky to have someone as talented, joyful and just plain remarkable as Ashton joining our family. Added to that is the deep sigh of relief knowing that our family stays together. If I was any happier, it’d be illegal.”