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CBS has halted discussions with Katie Couric over hosting a possible syndicated talk show when she steps down as anchor of the CBS Evening News next month, published reports said today (Thursday). “The negotiations just went on way too long,” a person familiar with the situation told the Hollywood Reporter. “The deal just kept getting more and more rich, with more and more people involved.” The reports indicated that it broke down over Couric’s demands to remain involved in the network’s news operations. Said the gossip website TMZ.com: “We’re told CBS honchos were willing to give Katie pieces for 60 Minutes but nothing more — and Katie wasn’t having it.” The website said that Couric is now close to signing a $20 million deal with ABC that will give her what CBS would not — a talk show and “a significant role” at ABC News. But People magazine indicated on its website that negotiations are continuing and quoted Couric’s representative as saying, “There is a lot of speculation and misinformation out there … but no deal has been reached with any party.”