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Amy Lemisch

The California Film Commission has announced that 27 movies and TV series will share $100 million in tax credits in the coming year. The Commission said that it had received 176 applications this year. Three TV series received the largest amounts — Bad Wolf Productions’ Torchwood and FTP’s Body of Proof and The Protectors. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, CFC Executive Director Amy Lemisch said that while the amounts are modest, they can make a difference in whether a production is filmed in California or goes elsewhere. “We see it constantly where a show is teetering on going to Georgia, or Louisiana or England or something like that and they make it into the program and then are able to make their decision and shift their production to California.” She said that she has already learned that a show that was not granted tax incentives has already decided to leave the state. On the other hand Torchwood, which airs on Starz, is reportedly relocating from Wales, and Body of Proof, which airs on ABC, is relocating from Rhode Island.