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Providing yet another justification for studios to keep churning out sequels of successful movies, New York magazine is reporting that J.J. Abrams’s Super 8, one of the few original blockbusters being released this summer, is tracking poorly. Citing figures from NRG tracking polls, New York said that only one in three moviegoers is expressing “definite interest” in seeing the film, which opens on Friday. Lack of interest in the movie is being attributed to a low-key marketing campaign in which little is revealed about the movie’s content in either trailers or advertisements. Commenting on the strategy’s Michael Fleming said on Monday, “This is a bold gamble Paramount is taking, at a time when the mission of studio marketers is to deliver the highest possible opening weekend, no matter how many plot highlights and spoilers are sacrificed in TV spots. Several marketing experts I checked were buzzing with the assertion that Par’s decision to protect the purity of the movie-going experience could put the film in an opening weekend hole it will be hard pressed to recover from.” On the other hand, the Rotten Tomatoes website says that 92 percent of its users want to see the movie, early reviews have been mostly positive, and several persons who have seen the movie at previews have remarked online that they want to see it again.