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With 3D on the wane in U.S. theaters, it is already being shunned almost completely by home video enthusiasts, BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield said on Wednesday. Greenfield took note of the fact that AT&T has dropped ESPN 3D from its channel lineup citing poor customer interest and price. Its decision, Greenfield said, “is especially concerning for 3D, as sports was supposed to be one of the big drivers of 3D adoption in the home.” The mammoth video game software company EA also appears to be phasing out 3D. Its CEO, John Riccitiello, recently told shareholders, “We have not seen a big uptake for 3D gaming. We have not seen a big uptake in 3D TVs in the home, at least not yet. We are not here trying to drive a market. We are here to react to what consumers are looking for.” Greenfield also dubbed Nintendo’s 3DS system “a complete failure.”