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Fans of the TV series will come down hard on movie critics who have come down hard on Glee: The 3D Cconcert Movie. Kyle Smith of the New York Post is prepared for the abuse. Commenting on a line in the movie in which one Glee cast member tells the audience, “Stand up for what you believe in,” Smith rejoins: “OK. I stand for hating Glee.” He then goes on: “This filmed record of the concert tour featuring stars of the excruciating TV show equals 90 minutes of thundering cuteness that made me feel like the guy in 127 Hours. Midway through, I looked at my watch and couldn’t believe it was still August.” Stephen Holden’s comment in the New York Times about the movie also could apply to Fox’s hit TV series: “There is a paradox at the heart of the film. It strains to celebrate diversity and individualism, while its processed music exemplifies strict corporate teamwork.” Jen Cheney in the Washington Post describes that paradox this way: “At its best, [the movie is] joyful, uplifting and even, occasionally, moving. And at its worst, it’s a propaganda piece designed to win our undying loyalty to a TV show/cash cow that advocates for the little guy even though it’s clearly turned into a diva.”