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Despite the third-worst attendance figures of the century at theaters from January through April, a slew of movies that took a critical drubbing, plummeting interest in 3D, and the overall recession, the box office appears likely to set a record when total revenue from ticket sales for summer releases is tallied at the end of the month. Box Office Mojo anticipates that the movie industry will close out its most lucrative season with $3.9 billion, up 6 percent from last year for the May-to-August period. (As of last weekend, it remained down 3 percent for the year at $6.72 billion.) The growing number of 3D theaters was credited for the record revenue, but analysts observed that by the end of the summer, some moviegoers were seeking out theaters not showing movies in 3D. Amir Malin of Qualia Capital told the New York Post: “In a difficult economic environment, consumers may pay 3D premiums for compelling entertainment but ignore others.” But other analysts pointed out that only 43 percent of moviegoers went to see Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows” Part 2, the biggest hit of the year, in 3D. In an interview with Reuters, Avatar director James Cameron observed, “This is a good moment for Hollywood to acknowledge that they have to try harder to maintain the idea that 3D is a premium experience. We can’t take cheap routes.”