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Christine O'Donnell

Former Delaware senatorial candidate Christine O’Donnell decided that Piers Morgan Tonight was not her cup of tea and walked off the show as it was being taped Wednesday. Her walkout came as Morgan asked her about her views on gay marriage. “Let’s not even go there,” O’Donnell replied at first, but when Morgan continued to press her on the issue, she called him rude and insisted that she granted the interview so that she could “talk about my book.” When Morgan persisted, she asked, “Don’t you think as a host that if I say that’s what I want to talk about that’s what we should address?” Morgan replied, “Not really, no.” A moment later, O’Donnell walked off the set. “I can’t believe she can think — as not at all a frontline politician — that she can dictate to CNN the terms of an interview,” Morgan later told Broadcasting & Cable magazine. He insisted that there was nothing in any of his questions to the former Tea Party-backed candidate “that would constitute rudeness” and maintained that he wasn’t asking about gay marriage “to be outrageous. I just assumed she would have a standard answer for it since she wrote about it in her book. It was bizarre.”