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Movie critics are sometimes criticized for including “spoilers” — critical plot points — in their reviews. Likewise, producers of movie trailers are also often taken to task for revealing too much. But it can also be argued that people who know a great deal about the movie’s plot are the ones most likely to see it. How else to explain the popularity of remakes? Or the popularity of the Harry Potter flicks? And now DreamWorks has decided to open its latest movie The Help on a Wednesday, instead of the usual Friday, in hopes of drawing members of book clubs, who generally meet midweek. The Help is based on the novel by Kathryn Stockett that has spent 87 weeks on leading hardcover bestseller lists. (The paperback version has remained at either No. 1 or No. 2 since it was released in the spring.) The book was a word-of-mouth wonder, and DreamWorks is hoping that it can stir up the same sort of avid commendation by releasing the movie early. It will also get a boost from overwhelmingly favorable reviews. Writes Roger Ebert in his review in the Chicago Sun-Times: “I suppose the Stockett novel has many loyal readers, and that this is the movie they imagined while reading it.”