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It’s hard to imagine how a movie revival of The Lone Ranger, which was once produced for about a bucket of oats in the early days of television, could have seen its budget balloon so excessively that Disney would shut it down. But that’s what has happened. Several reports indicated that when it appeared that the movie would cost $250 million, the studio and the filmmakers — it was to have been produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Gore Verbinski — pulled the plug. The film did have Johnny Depp, one of Hollywood’s highest-earning actors, playing Tonto. But the masked man himself was to be played by a relative unknown, Armie Hammer, best known for his portrayal of both Winklevoss twins in The Social Network. Today’s Wall Street Journal indicated that the project could be revived if the filmmakers find a way to cut the budget down to around $210 million.