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Appearing to suggest that Time Warner Cable has seen the future and that it’s the Internet and not television, a company announcement said Wednesday that New York City subscribers to its $99-a-month Wideband 50 high-speed Internet package will receive a rebate for the entire cost of a $299 Slingbox. The Slingbox allows users to watch videos from the Web, including those from Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, on virtually any wi-fi-capable device — television set, computer, smartphone, tablet, electronic game unit, etc. Subscribers who also sign up for the cable company’s TV Everywhere service will in addition be able to watch broadcast and cable television shows on those devices. Wideband 50 is Time Warner Cable’s fastest broadband package and has thus far been rolled out in only a handful of markets. The company did not indicate when the Slingbox promotion will be available elsewhere. “We are doing it first in New York and want to see how the promotion goes before considering other markets,” a spokesman told Broadcasting & Cable magazine.