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Ordinarily trial coverage by local television stations does not usually generate much ad revenue — if any at all. Advertisers generally don’t regard such coverage as a fitting environment for sales pitches. And then there’s the problem of where and when to run such ads. But KTTV, the Fox-owned station in Los Angeles that is broadcasting the Dr. Conrad Murray trial, may have hit on a huge money maker by offering a trial-specific iPhone/iPad app for 99 cents that quickly became the No. 1-selling app on Apple’s iTunes store and may now have been added to more than one million devices. On Wednesday it also became available for Android devices. Not only does it offer a live video stream from the courtroom where Murray, Michael Jackson’s personal doctor, is on trial, but users can also access background information, including many of the photographs and court documents that have been submitted as evidence, as well as a description of witnesses and lawyers.