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The Lion King is going out with a roar. Even though it was unlikely that families would be going to the movies together on school nights, Monday and Tuesday saw ticket sales of $3.22 million for Disney’s animated film, according to Converted to 3D in advance of next week’s bow on Blu-ray disc (The Lion King Diamond Edition) on Oct. 4, the limited two-week theatrical stint was intended primarily as a marketing tactic for the home-video release. But defying the predictions of analysts, it has earned $64.70 million in just 12 days, blowing away the competition. There was considerable speculation among bloggers that the theatrical run of the movie could be extended, at least in some theaters, into this weekend or perhaps even longer. (The home video release is set for Tuesday.) But as of today (Thursday), Disney had announced no such plans. Meanwhile, the Brad Pitt baseball movie Moneyball continued to attract solid word-of-mouth, and on Tuesday overtook The Lion King. It reported combined Monday and Tuesday ticket sales of $3.26 million.
UPDATE: The Lion King added $1.68 million to its gross on Wednesday, while Moneyball added $1.47 million. Lion King‘s total for its current limited run stands at $66,385,802. It has grossed $394,927,578 domestically since 1994.