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Four new movies make their debut this weekend, but box-office pundits indicate that only one, Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt, has any chance of drawing a big crowd to the stadi … er, movie theater. Still, a minority of writers suggest that churchgoers who have been on the receiving end of the principal marketing effort behind the 3D Dolphin Tale should not be disregarded. They have surprised the cognoscenti in the past, citing in particular 2009’s The Blind Side from the same studio and producers. Then there’s the Twilight factor going for the Taylor Lautner starrer Abduction (with emphasis on the plural of the first syllable of that title). And Jason Stratham has proved that he’s a box-office draw and may do so in Killer Elite, which brings him together with Robert DeNiro and Clive Owen. Oh, and don’t count Dumbo out. This will be the second and final weekend that audiences will be able to see it in theaters in 3D. Its success last weekend astonished analysts.