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Producers of What’s Your Number? have dialed the wrong one with this latest R-rated raunch-com aimed at women and starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans, most critics argue. They suggest that except for good looks the two leading characters are not individuals whom you would want to spend 106 minutes with — not in real life, and certainly not when you have to fork over the price of a movie ticket. “She’s hopeless, he’s hopeless and this movie is just ghastly,” Mick LaSalle sums up in the San Francisco Chronicle. Claudia Puig in USA Today suggests that the two actors playing them deserve better. “Faris and co-star Chris Evans have an easy charm and sharp comic timing, but this by-the-numbers romantic comedy isn’t worthy of their talents,” she writes. Echoes Wesley Morris in the Boston Globe: “These two need another, braver movie together.” The movie also suffers from bad timing, Betsy Sharkey suggests in the Los Angeles Times. “It was supposed to be one of those films that lets women break through the R-rated comedy glass ceiling, but Bridesmaids beat it to the punch this summer, and with much better punch lines,” she observes. The two movies, notes Stephen Holden in the New York Times, confirm the arrival “of a new subgenre the smutty chick flick, into the Hollywood mainstream.” However, he concludes, once What’s Your Number? “subsides into squishy wedding pornography, it is all but unendurable.”