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September 13, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

NBC is receiving cheers from iPad users but jeers from some industry analysts for quietly launching an app that makes full episodes of all of its shows available on demand — free. Persons who have discovered the app on the iTunes Store have hailed it with such accolades as “This is now a 5 star app,” “Love it!!!!,” “This is amazing,” “Fantastic!!!” and “Thanks NBC for finally getting with the times!” NBCÕs decision could undermine the planned sale of Hulu, which is owned in part by Comcast, NBCÕs parent company.Ê Comcast is looking for a buyer for Hulu, and with Hulu subscribers now able to access a wider variety of NBC fare with the NBC iPad app, analysts are asking if HuluÕs asking price will be forced to drop. Other analysts fear it will dilute NBC’s ability to negotiate lucrative retransmission fees with cable TV companies. Commented BTG analyst Richard Greenfield: “The only rationale we can come up with to explain Comcast/NBC’s iPad app decision, is that Comcast is so desperate to improve the ratings of the NBC Network, it will do anything to raise awareness — including going against their own business strategy.”