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On the heels of its decision to separate its rent-by-mail and rent-by-streaming services and require subscriptions for one or the other or both, Netflix has now imposed a new policy that permits a subscriber to view only one stream at a time. Previously one person in a household could view one movie while another person could view a second and still another person could view a third. That’s still possible, but each person will have to pony up additional fees to access the streams. It will now cost a subscriber $19.98 to stream movies to two different devices or $23.98 for three streams. Meanwhile Netflix announced a new deal with Miramax to stream its movies to subscribers of its new Latin America service. Shares in the company were down $6.02 at midday today (Wednesday) to $212.75 down 3 percent from Tuesday but down a whopping 30.2 percent from their 52-week high.