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Andy Rooney’s farewell appearance on 60 Minutes Sunday night was delayed 23 minutes in the Eastern and Central time zones by an overrun of NFL football. Nielsen estimated that 17.43 million viewers tuned in to the combined NFL/60 Minutes telecast at 7:00 p.m. — but it was not clear how many tuned in for football and how many for Rooney. More accurate figures are expected to be released later today (Monday) or tomorrow. NBC’s turn at football during primetime dominated the rest of the evening — and even though the Baltimore Ravens blew out the New York Jets, an average of 17.89 million viewers tuned in. Among the also-rans, the performance of ABC’s Pan Am in its second week was particularly disappointing. Preliminary figures indicate that the new drama lost 19 percent of its audience in Wk. 2. Fox also saw steep falls in the audience for its animated comedies.