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Mark Geragos

A graphic autopsy photograph of the nude body of Michael Jackson that was introduced as evidence at the Conrad Murray trial on Tuesday was not initially displayed on CNN. The cable news network’s decision not to show the photo was praised by celebrity criminal attorney Mark Geragos, who had acted as Jackson’s attorney at the beginning of the singer’s molestation trial in 2004. “Kudos to your network, unlike some other networks, for not showing the autopsy photo,” Geragos told CNN’s John King in an interview. “It’s inexplicable to me why that’s being played by other networks.” King replied, “We’re not going to show it. … We have some standards here.” However, the website TVNewser pointed out that on Wednesday CNN did indeed run the photo, albeit with a warning by CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin. “I want to warn you, this is the moment you can turn if you don’t want to see this.”