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Conan O’Brien returned to the NBC studio where he had hosted his late-night show for 16 years — which is now occupied by Jimmy Fallon. Fallon had just launched into a discussion of the frosty New York weather when O’Brien walked onto the set, looking a bit frosty and glum himself. He acknowledged a standing ovation from the audience, then when Fallon asked him what happened after his 16-year-stint, he paused, laughed derisively, then assured Fallon that he shouldn’t “worry about that — you’re a young guy.” Actually, said O’Brien, he had come by for a good reason. “I left something here, something important to me, and I haven’t had it in a while, and I thought, if I come here, to my old studio, I could get it back.” He then reached behind a pillow of the interviewee sofa and plucked out Triumph, the insult comic dog. “I think I’m going to need it again,” he remarked. There was no word on whether NBC will now allow O’Brien to use Triumph on his own show on TBS.