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Sharon Waxman

Bad blood between two entertainment industry bloggers, Nikki Finke and Sharon Waxman, continued to curdle over the weekend as, first, Finke, on her Deadline blog, disputed an article by Waxman and Brent Lang on TheWrap claiming that former CAA chief Michael Ovitz had failed in a bid to take over management of IMG, the sports talent agency, and that members of the agency’s advisory board were now maneuvering to oust Ovitz.

Nikki Finke

“Let me knock down this untrue rumor,” began Finke’s commentary, which failed to mention TheWrap as the source of the “rumor.” Next, Waxman stood by her story and claimed that Finke had sent an email to Reuters, which is partnered with TheWrap for entertainment industry news, detailing how the Ovitz story was wrong. “Her malicious email is not the first time Finke has written Reuters to spread libelous information about TheWrap,” Waxman wrote, vowing to expose “Finke’s poisonous maneuvers” in future posts.