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October 12, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

3D is ordinarily a technology regarded with derision by most cinemaphiles — and rarely does one see a film shot in that process being screened at film festivals. But Martin Scorsese’s Hugo may be a rare exception. Not only did a not-quite-completed 3D print of the movie turn up at the New York Film Festival on Monday night, but it received rave reviews from critics who attended. Steve Pond of said that the screening “left one question lingering in the air: Has Scorsese just saved 3D?” Matt Singer of the Independent Film Channel (IFC) answered that question in his review: “Does Scorsese single-handedly save the medium of 3D? No. Does he prove reports of 3D’s death may have been greatly exaggerated? Absolutely. Hugo’s 3D inarguably enhances the experience of watching the film, and Scorsese clearly put a lot of thought into its execution.” Eric Kohn of criticized some of the storytelling, but added nevertheless, “it’s still a visual marvel.” The film is due to open on November 23.