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Two weeks after negotiating a deal with Netflix that was reportedly worth $1 billion, the struggling CW network has closed a five-year deal with Hulu that could be worth a similar amount — or more. While Netflix subscribers will have to wait an entire season before being able to stream CW programs, Hulu Plus subscribers will be able to stream them the day after they air and users of the free Hulu site will be able to do so eight days later. (They can also be accessed free on CW¹s own website three days after they air.) Netflix and Hulu Plus subscribers each pay $8 a month for their respective streaming services. The deal also moves CBS Corp, a 50-percent owner of the CW, into a closer relationship with Hulu. It is the only major network that has not struck a deal to provide programming to the online video service, which is owned jointly by Disney/ABC, Comcast/NBC, News Corp/Fox and Providence Equity Partners. While feuding over the direction of Hulu has been reported among the four owners almost since the video site¹s inception and while it has been rumored that they might decide to fold it up following an unsuccessful recent effort to find a buyer, the length of the deal with the CW would appear to quell such speculation.