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Those transparent network-identifying “bugs” that have become ubiquitous over the years have now become the latest piece of TV-screen real estate to be sold to advertisers. According to Advertising Age magazine, both Fox and the CW are adding messages to the bugs, or in some case, converting them to ads (other networks are expected to follow). Blame the DVR for the new addition: “There are advertisers who are concerned about losing ratings to growing DVR playback and who want the networks to provide reach that cannot by skipped,” Christopher Vollmer, a partner at global media consultants Booz & Co., told AdAge. And Alison Tarrant, a sales and marketing VP at the CW told the trade publication that the see-through bug may be far more effective than product placements. Rather than appearing only once in the body of the show, she observed, the bugs stay on screen for the entire program.