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Brett Ratner

Call it the Academy Awards Comedy Show, because that is what it will apparently amount to, judging from a Los Angeles Times report today (Monday) that describes how co-producer Brett Ratner has brought on board a host of comedy writers for the February telecast — from those working on such TV shows as Saturday Night Live and Curb Your Enthusiasm to those who worked on Ratner’s current movie, Tower Heist and his last two Rush Hour films. “I’m new to this, and I wanted to feel comfortable, since I have to drive this whole thing,” Ratner told the Times. “So I brought in guys that I have a personal relationship with and I’ve worked with before.” Ratner said that he will also bring in additional writers on a parttime basis, including writer-director Cameron Crow. The only veteran Oscar writer included in the writing team is Jon Macks, who has contributed to the last 14 Oscar telecasts. Presumably Eddie Murphy, who will host the show, will also have a say in what he has to say.