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Having failed to persuade a broadcast or cable network to run his documentary series about overcoming failure, Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold) is taking it to the Web via Yahoo! Screen. In the introductory episode, which began streaming over the weekend, Spurlock describes the series, titled Failure Club, as one in which seven people attempt “to help each other go after the things we’ve always dreamed of but have been too afraid to try.” The series debuted on Yahoo! over the weekend, but it was difficult to figure out how Spurlock will garner sufficient ad revenue from the website to cover the costs of producing an original series. Failure Club follows the seven people for one year while they try to do such things as launch their own business, initiate a standup comedy act, or become an equestrian. “I tried to get this concept on network television for seven years, but they were all scared to death of a year-long format,” Spurlock said in a statement. “Yahoo! wants to try things traditional outlets shy away from, so I can honestly say there is no better home for Failure Club than on Yahoo!.”