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The show is getting nowhere near the audience that American Idol routinely draws, not to mention the audience that its creator, Simon Cowell, had predicted it would, but Fox reality chief Mike Darnell announced on Wednesday that The X Factor will be renewed for a second season and pronounced it a “monumental success.” To be sure, the show has been averaging 13 million viewers this season, well above the number that previous occupants in the Wednesday and Thursday time periods had drawn. But the ratings are no doubt a disappointment to Cowell, who has also seen the audience for the British version of the show plummet since he left it to devote full-time attention to the U.S. version. The London Sun reported on Monday that British producers have implored Cowell to return to the show, “believing his return is the only thing that can return it to its ratings dominance.” An insider connected with the British X Factor told the newspaper, “Bosses are desperate for him to be involved somehow, even if it means a video-link from Los Angeles. There have been midnight calls to him to try and persuade him. … He is The X Factor after all and he has the X Factor and that is the factor that is missing.”