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Saturday Night Live didn’t hesitate to take up the Penn State child sex scandal over the weekend, with Jason Sudeikis, playing the Devil. Clearly unaware at the beginning of the sketch of what had occurred, the Devil was asked where he got his news. “I follow Kutcher on Twitter,” he replied. But, give the Devil his due, even he was disturbed by the revelations. Addressing Penn State students who protested the firing of coach Joe Paterno, who allegedly participated in a cover-up of the sex abuse, the devil looked into the camera and remarked, “Do you know how bad that made you look?” By the end of the sketch the Devil was so upset by what had occurred — “Evil is not what it used to be,” he said — that he announced that he was quitting. Asked what he would do now, he replied, “Go back to my old job … doing customer service at Time Warner Cable.”