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Add Walmart’s Vudu to the video services scrambling to take advantage of Netflix’s recent stumbles. Until now, if you bought a new DVD or Blu-ray Disc from Walmart, you also had the ability to stream the disc onto your interconnected devices via “the cloud.” That’s OK if you’re at home or close to a wi-fi router, but say you’re on an airplane or at a gym with no wi-fi accessibility? Well, Vudu announced on Thursday that it has a solution. From now on, if you buy a movie from Walmart, you’ll have the option of downloading it — that is, putting a copy of it on your laptop computer, tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device, and leaving it there for however long you wish. In a related matter, Chris Albrecht, president of Starz, indicated that when his company’s deal with Netflix expires in February, he’s going to launch his own service that will provide Sony and Disney movies — along with Starz’s original programs — to subscribers. He also disclosed that the deal-breaker with Netflix was its refusal to place Starz on a premium tier that would have cost Netflix subscribers an additional fee.