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Integrating Twitter into the voting mechanism for Fox’s The X Factor has turned out to be a significant factor itself in the success of the talent show, Advertising Age reports in its current edition Citing a study by Cambridge-MA-based Bluefin Labs (“our editorial partner”), AdAge said that the Simon Cowell-produced show “has been a hands-down social-TV hit this TV season.” Tom Thai who heads marketing and business development at Blue Thai, observed, “It averages 110,000 social-media comments per episode. It’s the No. 1 social-TV show among reality series, out of 164 total, this season. And among all genres, it’s the No. 2 show, out of 526 series, trailing only Glee.‘ And among all TV shows and events this season — which includes the Emmys, various political debates and sporting events — The X Factor ranks 14th out of 1,778.”