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December 16, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

The decision to replace the departing Piers Morgan with shock jock Howard Stern on NBC’s America’s Got Talent quickly set off the kind of controversy that the producers no doubt expected when they selected him. And Stern immediately made it clear that he will shake things up on the show but will not do anything that will give groups like the conservative Parents Television Council any ammunition to file complaints with the FCC. After the announcement on Thursday confirming his selection and saying that the show will move from Los Angeles to New York so that Stern will be able to continue his satellite radio show, Stern was asked about reports that he will earn about $15 million annually to appear on the talent show. “I didn’t do it for the money,” he replied, dodging the question. “I did it because I like the show and I need to be a judge.” But PTC President Tim Winter immediately damned NBC’s decision to hire Stern, calling it “an act of desperation for a flailing network.” He said he will urge PTC members to write to advertisers demanding that they pull their commercials from the show. And Forbes magazine writer Dorothy Pomerantz wondered whether Stern’s fans will tune in to AGT now that Stern has been added to the judges’ table. “America’s Got Talent is a pretty wholesome show,” she noted. “Stern, who has enjoyed an incredible amount of freedom on his Sirius show, will have to rein it in for network television. What fan wants to see a muzzled Stern?”